The Black Book / Melanin (Explicit)

This document is written human first, before black man. 

Kemet; Now called Egypt, long ago, including several parts of the world was a civilization of black people! In 6000 years, Caucasians killed 700 million blacks, more than any other race or colour in history. How much history do you think that is? We have to understand, our history wasn’t lost because we didn’t write it down. It was lost because evil people destroyed all of our knowledge in Egypt. They built pyramids, wrote hieroglyphs, and mastered all the sciences. “Kin” means black. “Chem” means black. All the sciences; astrology, biology, even the bible was made in Egypt! It’s teachings stolen and words changed to produce a white washed book which you follow. Abraham in the bible is really “Pharaoh Akhenaten,” Moses is really “Pharaoh Thutmose III,” and Noah is really “King Kufu,” the 2nd king of Egypt. He created the “New Unk Boat, which has been changed to “Noah’s Boat.” Built so amazing that you can still find it in near perfect shape in the Cairo museum. All of them black people. Why do you think there are no blacks in the Bible or the Quran. Constantine who created Christianity, which means “Crushed in Unity,” illegalized Egyptian teachings in 325 A.D. Even the pope stole his outfit from the black “Egyptian god Osiris.” The Quran was created from the Old Testament in the bible. In Genesis 15:13, Abraham bows his head down to pray to God; this is where Muslim’s learned to bow their head down to the ground. I will give you actual sources at the end. Don’t trust man, he’ll deceive you on the news, in his books, and his teachings. Why do you think every black person is either Christian or Muslim? Islam and Christianity divided us and took away our roots. Wake up and realize the power of your melanin!

Ancient dark skinned Egyptian drawings.

The original men and women on this earth were black. The original men on this earth were black. The colour of energy in the body. We weren’t monkeys running around as people want you to think. Civilization in Egypt was a lot more advanced than we were now, look at the pharaohs who are on the statues today and tell me they’re not black. I’m proof; my ancestors in Sudan come from the “Kingdom of Kush.” Just below Kemet, where they were pushed down to make room for the other nations. There were more pyramids in Kush/Sudan, than there were in Egypt. This world is deeper than you think, but you all are just trying to chase a dollar. You lack neuromelanin. You can go online and search it up. That word is hidden from you, that’s what people do in this world if you haven’t noticed. Neuromelanin determines how smart your brain is, how intellectually capable you are; your spiritual intellect. You don’t know what being black is. You may have black skin, but you don’t have neuromelanin. Black is literally the colour of energy. You don’t have to be black to have neuromelanin. Neuromelanin is what makes you black.

Skip past this story if you’re only interested in understanding melanin. This document is written as human first, before a black man. I’ll tell you my story, from 1999 to present day 2019. I can guarantee that nobody has ever created a document like this. Read this fully and read this with an open mind or it will be difficult to understand. I hope that this document reaches all kids in every part of the world from France, United States, Sudan, China to Australia in the hopes that we may unify the youth. This is a factual and motive seeking document which uses real stories to state point. The motive is to help all kids understand that everybody is really not created equal, that you’ve been deceived, and that we are the most special generation the world has ever known.

You rise up from your bed to see the glaring sun hitting your face on a very hot, dry day. You look all around you searching for your warrior bow. This year is 785 BC, nobody in the Kingdom of Kush left his home without his bow. Today was the day the pharaoh would divide the extra food among the villagers, so that we would have more to eat. You get up from your bed to look at the farmers planting seeds on the desert terrain. The kingdom is flourishing with people wearing white robes, all rushing to the great pyramids for a chance to get the first pick of fruits and vegetables. You sling your bow over your back and make your way towards the large crowd awaiting the pharaoh. Just as you barely reach the crowd, your knees feel weak and you tumble to the ground. Everything goes black… you sleep for what feels like an eternity.

On April 13th, 1999, a small black boy from a Nubian tribe is born in a tent in Khartoum, Sudan. His name is Alaeddin; his eyelids drooping down. “Nub,” stood for gold, but there was no more gold in this land. This place seemed familiar. You look all around you but can’t seem to make out the bits and pieces of this land. The city is destroyed and the economy flattened. One day as your mother carries you around the city, you see the pyramids which stood up like a skyscraper. The maps don’t look the same as before. You didn’t stay long, a war was taking place in this region. Your family quickly evacuated the city fleeing to Lebanon, before heading to the most peaceful country in the world, Canada.

You arrive in Canada. To thcity of Saskatoon, in the province of Saskatchewan. In this country, everybody’s separated by race, religion, wealth, and politics. Everybody works for this currency called the dollar. You’re raised by devout Sudanese Muslim parents that are always working hard to provide a better life for their children. If you’re an immigrants without money you’re thrown into some apartments in the hood. Luckily this neighborhood is full of immigrants all around the same age. As a child you play, laugh and have fun with all the other neighbourhood kids. Everyday is an adventure until school comes along. You are a black Muslim child, but choose to attend a catholic elementary school to be with your friends. Ironically at the same time you are also attending a Muslim school predominanty with Arabs. After you graduate grade 8, you sat in your desk 4 hours a day and don’t know what you learned but generally have an understanding of what’s good and bad.

High school comes along. Here, everybody is separated by popularity and reputation. In science class they teach you that the first human beings on earth were from Africa, but In religion class they show you that Adam and Eve were in fact white. They also give you a white Jesus. In history class they teach you about war and slavery. Don’t mention anything about the black men that fought in world war 2, and tell you that America saved everyone in the war. In English class they remind you how much of a “nigger” you are by reading you a book and having students take turns reading it to the class. The proudest moment in my life came in 10th grade, when I stood up in front of the class and let the teacher know that we weren’t going to stand there and listen to this discrimination. The blacks congratulated me for that. The rest of school is just memorization and commands. During high school you learn that all black people do is play basketball, rap, and sell drugs. Sadly it’s not far from the truth. In the news you’re subliminally called a criminal.

After highschool, you’re given a choice to work for the dollar bill, or you attend school. Now you enter what I like to call the system. Around this time I started to uncover truths in the world. I finally understood; the same country known as the “British empire” that robbed and massacred my country causing me and my family to flee, is the same country that I live in now. Only they won’t teach you that in history class. I couldn’t tell if I was white-washed or black-washed. My people weren’t from Sudan; that’s just what it was called after they recolonized and stripped it of its economy. The same map of Africa now, wasn’t the same map before slavery. We weren’t slaves, we came from the Kingdom of Kush. We came from a line of pharaohs. 

I came to the conclusion that school was made to educate us into being great slaves for the amazing machine that is the production system and market that benefits the rich colonizers. Everybody is under labour, and in this world black people are considered cheap labour. That’s why you live in the cheapest cities, work the lowest paying jobs, and are treated like you don’t possess a brain. You will never have time to stop and think about who you really are, where you come from. Some people know, some people don’t know, a lot more will find out. 


Wake up and realize your melanin is a super power! Us as a people. Especially black people are like the newest pair of Jordan’s, or the newest MacBook Pro. All high tech, our bodies produce crazy muscles, stamina, and abilities, that’s why we’re all in the NBA and the NFL. But we’re still ignorant and live in poverty. Whyyy? We lack one thing. Connectivity; we don’t have any internet connection. None, because we lack neuromelanin. Like the internet, our main energy is from the sun. UV rays from the sun actually transmit to your pineal gland; the soul of your body. In Afrika, they call it the “Cradle of God.”

The original human being were black as night. They knew what melanin did to the body. Melanin is a semiconductor, which means it absorbs and reflects energy and light. It’s found in every organ and part of the human being, from the brain to the eyes. Melanin is a conductor which means it tells things what to do. That means an organ which has melanin is more protected, so it’s more valued in let’s say.. organ harvesting? Harmful UV rays from the sun are dissipated by your skin. Melanin is black because its chemical structure allows no energy to escape. There’s approximately 4 types of melanin. Eumelanin, which is located in your skin. That is the reason you’re able to gain muscle rapidly, and transform your body increasingly. Melanin gives your brain instruction on how to work. The darker you are the more eumelanin you have, which neutralizes 99.99% of the energy from the sun. Be proud of your skin; it absorbs sunlight energy! Next is Pheomelanin, this is what produces the blonde, and red colours in humans. It contains little eumelanin which lighter skinned people possess. Cosmic Melanin, which is in the universe. And finally there’s Neuromelanin. It is the black part of your brain; right by the pineal. And what does the colour black mean; that it’s vibrating are a higher frequency. More energy. This energy connects you to the world of nature. The dark pigments in your brain are connected to your skin. If you live the wrong way, go against nature, eat the wrong foods; you’re going to be living at your lower self. It can be disconnected with bad food, chemicals, low oxygen, and fewer trees. Some showers have chlorine to bleach the black off you, toothpaste has fluoride. You become like a phone in water, disconnected. You don’t know what black is. You wouldn’t have a brain without your heart. At 3 weeks in your mother’s womb, the first thing to develop is your heart! You’re just a heart beating, then you push your way up and create your brain; which will be your processor. You aren’t your brain, you are your heart! The heart is 100,000 times electrically stronger, and 5,000 times magnetically. If you protect and care for your heart, you will strengthen your brain.

Neuromelanin doesn’t come from the brain, it comes from the heart. If you don’t have enough energy or oxygen you can’t push neuromelanin to your brain. The heart pushes everything out of your body, it creates your brain, then your arms and legs. You absorb sunlight which enters your brain as neuromelanin, eat food created by sunlight. Then you will gain divine wisdom, divine intellect, and become superhuman. Black naturally produces more neuromelanin, since it absorbs everything. You absorb ignorance and bad habits, like a super battery. Lack of neuromelanin, produces less protection against disease, higher rates of depression and anxiety. Black suicide rates are very low for a reason. Study your history.

“the destruction of black history,” – Chancellor Williams

“stole your legacy,” – George Date

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