Alkebulan(Africa), Land of the Spiritual

“Alkebulan,” the oldest original name for Africa meaning, Mother of Mankind, or Garden of Eden.

Before the division of Alkebuan, and the colonialism that took place for generations in our mother land, we were known as the land of the spiritual people. Islam and Christianity didn’t enter Alkebulan until Muslim conquests took place in 7th Century CE. In fact, the name “Jesus” didn’t exist until the 15th century, when the letter “J” was created. Before Jesus was “Iusa,” which meant “Prince of Peace.” Given it an age of 600 years, the letter J is the youngest alphabet, finalizing it as the last English letter created. The three major religions aren’t the original religions of Alkebulan, and also the fact that these religions with the inclusion of Judaism, subtly asks you to accept racism and religious bigotry, yet were founded upon the teachings and philosophies of the Africans of the Nile Valley’s regions as projected in the “Book of Coming Forth by Day“(Egyptian Book of the Dead, and Papyrus of Ani). In contrast, in the Mali Empire, many kings did convert to Islam, the first case being Mansa Musa; born in 1312, the king of Timbuktu’s wealth was proclaimed richer than anyone in the world could describe. Though he was a devout Muslim, he allowed the majority of his people, to practice their own beliefs. Mansa Musa was known for his generosity, building mosques, universities, and spreading generous amounts of gold through his pilgrimage to Egypt (previously known as Kemet) that it devalued the economy.

Kemet, meaning “the black land,” was the foundation for the influence of spirituality, knowledge, art, and science in Alkebulan. Because of the system of white supremacy and racism many of the African people, especially in America and in the west have been taught to be ashamed of the culture. Anything related to Africans is taught to be worthless; which is contrary to scientific evidence and the origins of mankind which stem from Alkebulan (Africa). You see it in your schools, your churches, and your laws. The lack of black teachers, especially black male teachers is a strategy by supremacist used to push down the knowledge I’m giving you today. Without ones consciousness of the past, one remains a virtual slave to the whims of his master. The issues today stem from modern Christian teachings in the bible which are continually revised, essentially making it an unholy book; used to destroy the self esteem, and force you to fear, shame, and guilt one another. Spreading all types of low-vibrational frequencies over the Earth. I say frequencies because the human body produces 100 watts of electricity at any given time, and that’s on the lower end of the spectrum. The psychological conditioning, whitewashing, and indoctrination of white Jesus and Christianity can last many years. The teachings of “original sin,” “the fall,” and “total depravity” are backwards, of which I will dispel today. We were taught to believe spirituality and religion are the same but it’s far from the truth. It’s just as important to UNLEARN the indoctrination as it is for you to learn the new consciousness elevating concepts that come from the “mother of mankind,” Alkebulan.

Pharaoh Akhenaten “Ikhnaten” or Amenthotep IV, regarded as Moses or the first Christ(Krst).”When you become aware of your higher self”

Spirituality is about learning through good experiences and bad, and each human is believed to be a spark of light; a godly being trapped in matter. The word soul, which is mentioned in all major religions, comes from the latin word “Sol,” meaning sun. The soul is the single most important part of our existence, and the one thing that departs the body after death, so it’s not by mere chance that the “Sun” is the source that powers all life here on Earth. These teachings were founded purely on Kemetic principles, so to better understand these concepts we must dive deeper into spirituality. But first, we must understand why the belief of Kemetic god’s and the basis of which they are presented on are important. In Kemet they had no fear because they didn’t believe in evil or humanizing god. Giving god jealous human tendencies such as in the world’s major religions, and their religious books; the Bible, Quran, and Torah, was believed to be childish. Nature holds all scientific calculations, and ancients knew this; so they concentrated their ideas using the process of “anthropomorphizing,” which is the study of using human characteristics to symbolize an abstract metaphysical idea. We will take a look at these god concepts below, which represent ideas and not people.

Heru (HRU):

God of Renewal, First Divine King, “He who is above,” and the “Original Fallen Angel from Heaven” are just some of the names he possesses. Also the “Bearer of Light,” which Christianity has taken to describe Lucifer. Heru represents “us,” and as the fruit and the divine child of the Goddess Auset and the God Osiris, who signify our parents. Heru is the ever coming “Sun of God.”

Auset / Isis:

Goddess of Rebirth, and the Goddess of Fertility, Isis became the model on which future generations of female deities in other cultures were based on. She was regarded as the divine mother and protector of the Pharaohs, and gave birth to one of the most powerful gods, Heru. She represents our mother, and also where the Christian mother Mary originates.

Osiris (ASR):

God of the Underworld, God of Agriculture and Fertility, represent renewal of life in the next world; and through our descendants. He serves as the ruler, protector, and judge of the deceased. He represents our father.

“Understanding isn’t God given, you have to do the work for personal progression.”

“Black Man of the Nile and His Family,” – Dr. Yosef A.A ben-jochannan

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