Secrets of the Dogon Tribe

The Dogon are an ethnic group from the central plataeu region of Mali, with no centralized government and a population numbering over 600,000; murder, theft, and suicide is all unknown.


The majority of the Dogon tribe live in rocky hills, mountains, and the plateau of the Bandiagara Escarpment; a long 150 kilometre stretch of sandstone cliffs which rises about 500 meters above the lower sandy flats to the south. The tribe migrated from Mande after facing religious and ethnic persecution from jihadists for 1000’s of years after the empires collapse. an area southwest of Mali, that was home to the 13th century Mali empire.

According to Dogon legend, they learned about the star Sirius B from extra-terrestrial beings who descended upon the earth 3000 years ago known as the Nommo. Supernatural beings who are comprised of water, possess arms with no joints, and resemble a human/fish combination. Myths tell us they live on the brightest star in the sky Sirius, from which they crashed down to Earth on their vessel. They caused a Great Lake to form on the Earth, and left the Dogon’s ancestors with supernatural knowledge and 300 symbols which they would have to decipher.




Creation Story

God Amma was the first being fabricated, and he created a large round pot, which he heated to a white-hot temperature and sent spinning off into darkness. It became the sun ☀️. Next he created another round pot, which he heated one quarter at a time and sent off to be the sun’s companion. It became the moon 🪙 . So while the sun shines brightly as long as its day, the moon shines according to its 4 phases. Amma took a 3rd piece of clay and flung it as far as he could, it broke off into several pieces and formed a multitude of stars. He grabbed another large lump of clay and squeezed it into a long, flat object, and threw it far as he could. It settled to form the Earth 🌍. Amma walked down to see his newest creation and noticed the Earth resembled a woman, and immediately tried to rape her. She was protected by a termite hill 🐜 , which he chopped down with a single stroke. This violent attack upset the balance of the universe and would change the course of things forever. Earth gave birth to a single pale, white fox instead of twins as Amma wished for. The pale fox became a symbol of God’s cruelty and difficulty, and scurried off to live alone in the dark corners of the world. The Earth became pregnant, this time with two sets of twins 👯. The first set broke out early and had male and female characteristics. Since they were born premature, they became imperfect, and so were all generations after them. The other set of twins were known as the “Nommo,” water spirits; neither male nor female. They were half human and half fish, had bright red eyes with long green bodies, which glistened like water. Forked reptile tongues, and arms with no joint. The “Nommo” were perfect beings who went straight to heaven. The journeyed to a far away star called “Sigi Tolo,” known as Sirius, the brightest star in our sky 🌟, and settled on its moon, “Po Tolo,” Sirius B, meaning “deep beginning.” Their moon was pure white and heavier than all the lead in the world. Eventually the “Nommo” returned to Earth in a vessel, crashing down with fire and lightening. This caused a huge lake to appear and they dove into the water. They taught man the sacred revelations that give order to the world. 🔮





1st Revelation: Nature, which speaks through the rustling of grasses that cover the Earth.




2nd Revelation: Order, symbolized by the weavings – man is meant to live in community and not like the pale fox



3rd Revelation: Granary and the Drum; Instrument is to communicate, and grain binds man to the Earth.


If all these things are kept alive in mans thought, order is preserved and man would flourish.

While the western world was in the dark ages and witch hunts were reoccurring, Alkebulan(Africa) was in a time of prosperity; and Dogon rituals took place year after year. This led the tribe to investigate the human anatomy, and they discovered circulation of blood long before its discovery by English physician, William Harvey; in the 17th century. The grand rituals that took place were known as the Sigui, where Dogon knowledge and symbols are revealed and passed down from generation to generation. Dogon symbols reveal more information about our celestial universe; they correctly place the Earth and our solar system within the Milky Way and state correctly how far the massive cluster of stars is from the planets. Their understanding of astro movements is highly impressive all be without the use of a telescope. The “Hogon,” is known as chief of all religious knowledge; selected more than 30 years ago, he’s the living repository of everything that’s known. He’s isolated from worldy needs or concerns, which ensures all sacred knowledge remains pure. If he’s contaminated by human contact, he will be killed. 

The Dogon believe the universe was born through a vast explosion, as it opened up everything that we know and dogon know came pouring out, and all that was left was a shell, which they call the star “Po Tolo,” known as Sirius B. Astronomers confirmed its existence in 1950, less than 100 years ago at the U.S. Naval observatory in Washington, D.C, by chief astronomer Dr. Irving Lyndon Glad who devoted years to the “dark star.” It took decades to locate. Dr. Glad proclaimed, “It’s very difficult to detect a star 10 seconds from such a bright star, Sirius. Startling information from the dogon tells us when the star collapsed in itself, it became completely dense; all humans combined couldn’t lift it together. By splitting light collected from distant stars into coloured bands, the physical characteristics can be analyzed. “Sirius B,” is normal on the outside but calculations reveal interior is out of nuclear energy, essentially making it a dead star. It’s also very dense, 5 million times more than water, and the surface gravity is 100 million times that of Earth. The knowledge preserved through the centuries is confirmed.

All ancient civilizations have needed knowledge of the heavens for the growing of grain. Just as ancient astronomers studied positions of the sun, moon, and stars. Dogon elders climb to a height among the rocks to observe the sun as it moves along a heel stone. He will determine the exact time when his people must sow the seed that will insure their survival. With short rainy seasons, the accuracy of the elders could mean life or death for the village. Approximately 200 thousand Dogon live in 300 scattered villages scattered. Throughout Alkebulan(Africa), the simple melody of the Shepard’s flute reflects unchanging pattern of Dogon village life. On the surface, they’re indistinguishable from other tribes. What makes them different is unique social harmony maintained by strong tradition. Rates of murder, theft, and suicide is low; because disputes are resolved by open debates in open forums. An issue occurred in the village, where a goat broke the fence and damaged the neighbouring crops. The neighbour wanted repayment, while the owner of the goat insisted the fence should’ve been stronger. Men from the open discussion stated the fence should’ve been stronger, and resolved the conflict by insisting both men must rebuild the fence and replant the crops. Millet beer marks the settlement. The Dogon believe in a perfectly ordered existence, and that they’re a part of something much greater than themselves. Each task, however menial, reaffirms their internal connection with the rhythm of the universe. In myths and symbols Dogon link the lowly with the lofty; the known with the unknown, and all human activity inscribed from origin of man to the mystery of death. Spinning and weaving cotton describes the Dogon myth of creation, each strand alone is of little importance, united by a guiding intelligence they become an ordered fabric. Planting, harvesting, minnowing; each act of Dogon life has practical and spiritual value. The study of Dogon has lured men like Dr. Hans Guggenheim, an anthropologist form Harvard university, who spent 5 years within the inner circle to gain the trust and knowledge of the tribe. Dr. Guggenheim who probed the mystery of divine knowledge about stars between the Dogon and their mysterious dark star stated,


“In order to discover the mystery of divine knowledge about stars we have to begin by looking at the inside of the granary, because Dogon link the science of growing grain and their understanding of the stars.”

The Sigui which is celebrated every 60 years, is a celebration which marks the completion of orbit when the Earth, Sirius, and the mysterious dark star Sirius B, are all aligned. This is when the Dogon and their star are closest. Western astronomers have spent decades of time and research to determine orbit. Once they noticed shifts in Sirius’ movements, they analyzed its companion Sirius B following close by. The Sigui is the greatest experience of Dogon life, as the elders recall. They tribe holds a citadel shrine called “Yuga do Gura,” which sends orders to commence the next Sigui. Here live only the men who’ve seen the allignment of the stars themselves. They’re known as the elders of secret society, or venerated guardians. They await knotting a long rope to measure time for a Sigui, which they may never see. The average life span of the tribe is 38, and the Sigui happens every 60 years. Every youth still learns the ritual dance in hope they may get a chance to participate. The mask for celebration is called “Na,” and predates 300 years; all future masks are modelled upon this antique. Scientists question how the Dogon possess this knowledge and have come to three conclusions. They possess supernatural knowledge, have been visited by extra terrestrials as they insist, or it was all coincidence.

In modern times the Dogon live a more technologically advanced civilization than before. They have now built roads, schools and import modern goods. Questions arise if they’ll retain their wisdom of the “dark star.”



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